The Madness

Every road leads to somewhere.

And all the roads around here lead…TO MADNESS.

Rhoades to Madness is proud to present a series of insane, nonsensical posts named after the roads, streets, boulevards, and avenues that crisscross my beloved Kansas City, Missouri. If you find yourself reading one of these, you haven’t lost your mind. I HAVE! MWA HA HA HA HA HAA HAAA HA HAAAAAAA!!!


But it seems even nonsense can have an agenda…even chaos has order. And it seems more and more lately like the roads are leading to somewhere other than madness…

Catch up and follow along with the mystery with these simple links!

  1. Wyandotte Street

  2. Wornall Road

  3. Baltimore Avenue

  4. Ward Parkway

  5. The Paseo

  6. Troost Avenue

  7. Gregory Boulevard

  8. Rockhill Road

  9. A Tease

  10. 75th Street – Part I

  11. 75th Street – Part II

  12. 75th Street – Part III

  13. 75th Street – Behind the Scenes

  14. Meyer Boulevard

  15. Kenwood Avenue

  16. Pershing Road

  17. 63rd Street – Part I

  18. 63rd Street – Part II

  19. 63rd Street – Part III

  20. 63rd Street – Part IV

  21. 63rd Street – Part V




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