About the Author

Alex Ryan Rhoades - Unparalleled GeniusAlex Ryan Rhoades wishes he were the author of several best-selling novels, two of which would be developed into movie franchises and another into a television series, all while running his own comic/gaming/movie shop in Venice, California.

Instead, he works at a grocery store in Kansas City, Missouri.

So until he GETS OFF HIS LAZY ASS AND MAKES SOMETHING OF HIMSELF, he is content to be a movie/television geek, a history buff, a game enthusiast, writer,  and an amateur graphic design artist.

He now stares blankly across the 80 miles of highway that separate him from his gorgeous girlfriend.

As for Rhoades to Madness, it is a sometimes-ludicrous blog about entertainment and other nonsense that now updates very infrequently because of reasons.

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