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There was no blog post Wednesday because the hotel I happened to be staying at charged $10 a day for wi-fi, and I really didn’t have time for it anyway.

For you see, I was in Atlanta, Georgia…on business! I’d never been anywhere “on business” before. I’d never been to Atlanta before, either. In fact, this was my first jaunt east of the Illinois border, so it was certainly a first in a lot of ways. It was also a first in that I got no real sense of what the city was about. We didn’t have an opportunity to step beyond the bounds of the Olympic Park area of downtown, and most of the buildings and landmarks around there are younger than I am. (Geez, thanks for making me feel ancient, Atlanta!) There were some dazzling displays of architecture to be sure, and it said a lot about how much the city has mushroomed in the last couple of decades, but when you’re in a convention complex with a bunch of other people from out-of-state, you really don’t get a grasp of the culture. You see what the city wants you to see, but not what it’s really like. I wish I could have done more.

But! I did take a few pictures here and there.

Downtown Atlanta #1

Sea Dragon

Olympic Park

Most Fashionable Thing Ever


CNN Globe


Downtown Atlanta #2

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