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Wrapper’s Delight

Every Christmas, I take my gift-wrapping seriously. I settle on a theme and stick with it for everyone’s present. Some years, it’s as simple as the same (usually fancy) wrapping paper/colors/ribbon. Other years, like this one, I get more creative. Starting with brown kraft paper, I then chose images or created logos that meant something to the recipient. Some had old-style “customs stickers” from places they’d been or lived. Others got hobbies they were interested in or sports teams. And, of course, there were some inside jokes, too. (You’ll probably be seeing the “Let’s Go Into Town And Get Something Cheap” graphic again once I can find some materials for another project.)

I printed out all these images onto adhesive-backed paper and applied them to the already-wrapped box. I went wild with the “To/From” lettering in black Sharpie, going for a Dr. Strangelove opening credits vibe on some of them. In the end, it was more work than I had imagined, but I think the end results were worth it. (Oh, and Kansas City-based Indigo Wild makes a significant cameo with their holiday-themed Zum Soap bars!)




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