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The Year That Is


I’ve never been a big believer in New Year’s Resolutions. All too often they are things we’d like to do, not things we are resolute in achieving.

But for me, this year, I need to change. 2012 was good enough, but I need to stop settling for good enough. I want to be in a radically different place by 2014, moving towards a future I want as opposed to a future I’m handed. So here are my 2013 Resolutions in no particular order:

  • Stop treating what I love doing as a hobby. If I want to make a career out of graphic design and/or writing, I can’t keep acting like it’s something I can put off or wait until I have energy or inspiration or whatever other Excuse-of-the-Day I come up with. I have to work at it and practice and learn more about it every single day. I can’t keep letting my barely-pays-the-bills job overshadow something I could really be good at.
  •  Get better with people. I’m not a people-person. I never have been. I can be polite and well-mannered, but I have never had the burning desire some people have to seek out human contact. Even on the Internet, I somehow have managed to keep to myself. And while I doubt I’ll ever be a social butterfly, I have to start building relationships with folks. Whether that’s commenting on more blogs or starting conversations in real life.
  • Take care of my home. After a long day, I often just want to crash and surf the Internet or play WoW or watch TV. Things like doing dishes or vacuuming or what-have-you sometimes fall by the wayside. But living in a hovel is no way to improve your mindset. I have to remember that coming home to a tidy apartment will make me feel better than coming home to a dump.
  • Take care of myself. I’ll be 31 in a month and a half. I’m not really old as I sometimes like to whine to my girlfriend, but I’m no spring chicken either. The metabolism is slowing down, and while my job keeps me on my feet, I’m not as trim as I should be.
  • Write every day. I’ve got projects beyond this blog that I’d love to see the light of day, and the only reason they haven’t is because I’m not working on them.
  • Read every day. A year ago, about every other week I wrote about the latest book I read. Somehow, I fell out of the habit. There’s no telling where inspiration may be found, and cutting myself off from that source is no way to run a railroad.
  • Slaughter my enemies.
  • Keep to the schedule. Going back to what I said on Saturday, I did pretty good in 2012 on sticking to the three-day-a-week rule I laid down for myself, but I know I could do better. Hopefully Write every day will help me stick to the schedule and build up a buffer so I won’t have to fret when circumstances converge to keep me away from the keyboard.
  • Get out more. I love my city, but I don’t see enough of it. Money plays a role in that, for sure, laziness plays another.
  • Still find time for everything else. I can’t really cut out frivolous activities like TV, movies, and gaming…because TV, movies, and gaming is 90% of what I write about. But I’ve got to find a better balance.
  • Never get food poisoning again. That fucking sucked.


And I think that just about covers it. I figure if I can do even half those things, I’ll get to where I’m wanting to go. And maybe if I do all of them, I’ll be running this damn city! DUKE OF KC, A-NUMBER-ONE!

Anyway, Happy New Year, folks. There won’t be a post on Wednesday, but Rhoades to Madness will return on Friday for a little look at Assassin’s Creed III, which I am aware came out three months ago.

4 thoughts on “The Year That Is

  1. Nothing to really say about the resolutions, but I thought you might appreciate that my habit of speed-reading message headers (and the mixup of letters that tends to result from it) led to me to initially read this as “The Year in Tits”. It never occurred to me for a second that might not be what you wrote.

  2. You know, food poisoning, like the tapeworm, are great ways of staying thin. Not ones I would enjoy mind you, but they are ways.

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