Monarchs of the Moon

I have few adequate words to describe the brilliance of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. It is, undeniably, a Wes Anderson film, with all the stock quirks inherent in his style. But it is more than his other films, folding in a sweetness and a heart that elevates it far above the rest. It is fanciful, it is charming, and it doesn’t attempt to convince us it is a part of reality. Instead, it creates something better. It is almost a Rockwell painting in motion; a glimpse into a world that never truly existed but that we ever so desperately wish had. Nostalgic and otherworldly and somehow intimately human all at once, Moonrise Kingdom is easily the best movie I have watched this year.

Suzy and Sam plot their course.

The parents and the authorities.

Suzy recieves word.

Things go awry.

Things go awry-er.

Suzy sees it all.

I now pronounce you...

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