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Can’t All Be Winners

Hello and welcome to another edition of “No, I Haven’t Abandoned My Blog!” Today, we talk about stuff and things and junk and crap.

It has been almost two months since I last returned a Netflix movie. I’ve been holding the current one, Bound, hostage for absolutely no reason. Haven’t even watched it. Finally going to return it tomorrow (still unwatched) because I realize watching (usually) shitty movies is the stuff of great (above average) blog posts. I should probably get back into my Netflix account and see what I’ve got coming.

Wreck-It RalphThere was actually stuff to write about this weekend. Saw Wreck-It Ralph, which was a very good Disney picture with a lot of heart. I didn’t really go into it with my “Blogging Mind” on, however, so the lion’s share of my impressions are lost to the sands of time. Possibly for the best! But I do recommend it.

Of course, being from Kansas City, the overwhelming story this weekend was the murder-suicide committed by a Chiefs player, the suicide part of that taking place in front of his coaches and general manager. It is an intensely disturbing story that doesn’t make a great deal of sense, no matter how one looks at it. Especially considering the Chiefs suited up and played a game the very next day. I had some pretty strong feelings on that. Well, I still do. But I guess the players made the call to go ahead with the game, and I can’t work up the outrage knowing that his own teammates chose to take the field. Even so, I feel it was a mistake, and a missed opportunity to prove that there are far far more important things than football to concern ourselves with. It feels even stranger considering the Chiefs won that game, only their second victory of the whole season, and their first win at home since last year. I guess the message is nothing boosts performance like unspeakable tragedy?Chiefs vs. Panthers


The other side of that coin is that Rhoades to Madness doesn’t tend to concern itself with the seriousness of the world. I’m not sure how I could realistically follow blasting the Chiefs for a seeming lack of respect with a post about robotic squirrel ushers without seeming like a massive hypocrite.

Been re-watching Mad Men the last couple of weeks. I’ve watched the first three seasons probably five times through now, and I am continually amazed at how I’m still finding little details in episodes that I didn’t notice before. Jimmy Barrett reluctantly but wisely avoiding one last fat joke, or continued references to Betty being good at cards. Things like that. They aren’t mind-blowing things, no, but it’s these little details that help make the show so incredibly good both first-run and after multiple watch-throughs. I’m looking forward to seeing Season 5 again. It definitely was not the strongest of years for the show, but I’m interested to see what I missed the first time through. And, of course, Season 6 is still an unbearably long time off, but with Christmas bearing down on us, March isn’t as far away as I might think.

Mad Men

Speaking of the holidays, they are no doubt going to play hell with my schedule. Not that there are a great many of you clicking “refresh” over and over in terrible anticipation of my next post, but I figured I’d put that out there.

Changed the logo of the blog. Wasn’t happy with it. Changed it again. Still not thrilled, really. Another revision may come later in the week, or I may just let it ride until I really get inspired.

And one more bit of blog business: WordPress’s new media upload/management system sucks. Discovering that as I try to do simple things like put pictures where I actually want them. I hope the kinks get worked out of this soon, because taking the “easy” out of blog posting pretty much defeats the whole purpose.

3 thoughts on “Can’t All Be Winners

  1. The one thing that comes to mind about the Chiefs playing the next day is that it’s sometimes easiest to deal with things by just getting back into one’s routines. Football’s pretty trivial on the whole, but it is their job, and going back and doing their job might be better than sitting and thinking about something that they aren’t ever going to be able to wrap their heads around.

    Also, I agree about WordPress’s new upload system. Irritating and cumbersome. I don’t get what was “wrong” about the old one. Just seems like the change was busy-work for the techs, and WordPress has a bad habit of making such changes when they really, really shouldn’t.

    • I can sort of understand the “routine” aspect of it, but I still think more time would have been appropriate. Especially considering the violent, oversized spectacle that is football.

      And I could see myself getting used to WP’s new media system, but if I can’t do something so basic as insert a picture where my cursor is, then the appeal of simplicity is shattered.

      • I haven’t had that problem yet, though I have to say most of my mid-post pictures are center-aligned, so I don’t know if there are odd problems that crop up when it’s left or right.

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