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The Green Road

And so it came to pass that Alex Ryan Rhoades acquired a tumblr blog and named it The Green Road.

The Green Road

I have become fascinated with this format, this “wall of images” style of communication. Obviously, a wall of gorgeous nude women like My Intimate Desires holds obvious appeal, but what really got me thinking about starting my own was the near-surrealist Post Maudernism that pretty much dares your mind not to explode. There is a story there. A horrifying, delightful tale where everyone you know is either dead or living in a state of absolute ecstasy. Or both.

The Green Road will serve as an extension of Rhoades to Madness…a side-street. I’ll post more NSFW images over there, as well as bizarre things that might not even fit in one of my infamous nonsense posts. Also, some of my own old and new art. So enjoy. Or don’t. I’m not your mother.

And, in some tangential celebration of my new image wall, I’ve created a new little poster with what should really be everyone’s personal mantra:

A Fuck A Day...

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