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Geeks Grieve This Halloween

An impractical outfit for a ludicrous day.

She puts on a brave front, but she’s devastated over the Star Wars news.

So tonight, kids in cute costumes are out gathering candy while adults in slutty outfits are elsewhere, gathering candy of an entirely different sort.

Me, I’m at home, typing this. I have nowhere to go, so I never got a costume together, and I never got a costume together, so I have nowhere to go. I’ve missed out on the fun of Halloween the last few years, it seems like. It’s kind of depressing, honestly. Oh well. C’est la vie. Maybe next year.

Right now, we’ve had a week that’s rocked geek culture to its foundations. First, and of lesser importance, G4TV announced the cancellation of long-running shows X-Play and Attack of the Show. Neither are particularly surprising, given the news from a month ago that G4 was being rebranded into an “upscale men’s channel.” Long-time Attack host Kevin Pereira left the show in May, while Adam Sessler – who had hosted X-Play throughout all its format and network changes since its start in 1998 – was unceremoniously dumped by G4. So it’s not as though we didn’t see this coming.

Attack of the ShowStill, both X-Play and AOTS were solidly pro-geek programs featuring video game, technology, movie, television, and comic book-related previews, reviews, and interviews. I find it very interesting that now, when geeks seem to be firmly in control of popular culture, that they would lose the one network that was at least tangentially dedicated to them. Granted, G4 has been slipping in recent years, airing more and more syndicated programs like Cops re-runs, but still, it was something. I guess this pretty much proves how little this generation actually watches television as opposed to checking out clips on YouTube or Hulu.

Star Wars #1 Fan

Remember the episode where Captain Reynolds blows up Babylon 5? That ruled.

But that news was followed by perhaps the biggest bombshell of all: Lucasfilm, the production company of legendary Star Wars creator George Lucas, was bought by Disney, who promptly announced they would be making a new Star Wars film due for release in 2015. The nerd-rage was so explosive it may have shifted the axis of the planet. I personally don’t see what the big deal is. The prequels seemed like they might have been made by Disney anyway. That, and as revered as the original trilogy may be, the franchise as a whole has been reduced to a money-spigot for decades. Selling out to the House of Mouse seems like the only logical conclusion.

Even so, it’s been a rough week for geeks.


Not, mind you, more rough than for the folks on the hurricane-battered East Coast. My boredom, the cancellation of a couple shows, and the sale of a movie franchise collectively don’t even make a dent in the misery of that situation.

So yeah, 2012’s Halloween: Not That Great. Here’s hoping November brings us some better news.

2 thoughts on “Geeks Grieve This Halloween

  1. Yeah, a pretty lackluster Halloween here as well.

    I’m not that concerned about Lucasfilm being sold, personally. To be honest, Disney in charge of Star Wars would probably result in better films than the prequels anyway. Couldn’t do much worse, at any rate (though I do think #3 was OK.) And this way, the chances of there being a release of the unaltered original trilogy seem substantially better.

    G4… I have to be honest, I haven’t really watched the station since the TechTV merger. Even at the time it looked like “Spike Lite” with just a few nods to its roots. I’m more surprised it took them this long to ditch the last remnants of their original purpose than at the news itself.

    • Yeah, it still seems odd, though. Tech and gaming and other geeky pursuits are all the rage in pop culture right now, and soon there won’t be a TV network that even PRETENDS to cover those things.


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