Of Things To Come

It’s been an unusual summer television-wise for me. Thanks to the advent of legitimately good shows airing on cable in the summer, I have not suffered through the doldrums of the network “off-season” for quite awhile. But since I had to cut back to a very basic cable package early in the year, I’ve been forced to go without White Collar and Suits, and Mad Men’s delayed season means it airs in the spring now instead of late summer.

So for the first time in a long time, I’m actually hungry for the Fall Network TV schedule to begin. So here’s some of the premieres I’m most looking forward to:

NBC's Revolution

1060 West Addison…? Damn those Blues Brothers!

Revolution, NBC – Monday (Tonight), 10/9c

I guess it’s not accurate to say I’m looking forward to this so much as I will be giving it a shot. Taking place in a future where an apparent hyper-EMP attack has left the world without power or electronics, it looks sort of like the baby that a Kevin Costner movie and Lost would make. People riding around on horseback, fighting with swords, and talking big talk in the shadow of overgrown landmarks like Wrigley Field is probably going to get really silly, really fast, but maybe it’ll be a good silly.

How I Met Your Mother, CBS – Monday (24th), 8/7c

I’ve only recently gotten into this show thanks to the reruns frequently aired on WGN, so I’m honestly not up to speed on what’s going on with the gang, although I know Ted has caused a runaway bride, and that story arc will play out over the first few episodes. Also, Barney continuing to date a stripper.

Zooey Deschanel

Yes, yes, you’re adorkable. But I really wish you’d stop having tomato soup delivered.

New Girl, FOX – Tuesday (25th), 8/7c and 9/8c

Last year’s surprise hit quirky comedy comes back for its sophomore season, so Zooey Deschanel isn’t really a “New” Girl anymore, is she? Especially since she’s spent the summer as a nearly-ubiquitous presence on our TV screens as a Cotton spokeswoman…and as the subject of the heinously dumb iPhone “Siri” commercial that mainly showcases Deschanel’s inability to identify rain without AI assistance. But New Girl is genuinely funny, and I can only hope it continues to balance the fine line between ridiculousness and humanity…unlike another show later on this list.

Big Bang Theory, CBS – Thursday (27th), 8/7c

Another show I’ve been introduced to over the summer through re-runs, Bang is occasionally hilarious and occasionally very standard sitcom fare, but as a pure-blooded geek, I cannot deny the appeal of the series. And I’m really excited about watching new episodes that AREN’T the 10 or so TBS seems to air over and over and over again.

Once Upon A Time, ABC – Sunday (30th), 8/7c

At times goofy, at times seriously twisted, at times just “okay,” Once’s freshman season was kind of a mixed bag of jelly beans. But once I picked out the black licorice ones, I liked it a lot. It is nowhere near as sharp as the Fables comic book from recent years, but it manages to be interesting in its own ways. Last year’s finale, for example, was a doozy and almost completely changes the tone of the series going into Season 2. Unless they do one of those much-loathed “soft resets,” how this year’s storyline plays out will be very intriguing indeed.

666 Park Avenue, ABC – Sunday (30th), 10/9c

Another one that I’m going to give a shot to, this one takes place in a paranormal-infested high-class apartment building in New York City. It could be really bad or really good…there’s probably not much middle ground on the concept, but I like to support these fantastical ideas when I can in the hopes we’ll see more of this and less of Reality Show of the Month XVII.

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen

The only guy who could bring a bow to a gunfight.
(No, Hawkeye does NOT count.)

Arrow, CW – Wednesday (Oct. 10th), 8/7c

Give Green Arrow a show and I will be there. Kinda disappointed that he won’t be sporting a goatee, but that was easily the most glaring flaw in Oliver Queen’s “secret identity,” so I can forgive the omission for realism’s sake. I have heard famed DC Comics scribe Geoff Johns will be penning at least one episode (that will feature the Huntress) so the show’s got that going for it, which is nice. I just really hope it is actually good, and that Black Canary enters the picture sooner rather than later.

Community, NBC – Friday (Oct. 19th) 8/7c

So if New Girl deftly sailed the treacherous waters of quirky comedy last year…Community fairly drowned in them. I’ve remarked before how I thought Season 3 of what was once my favorite comedy on television may well have jumped every shark on the fucking planet, so I won’t go into it here. With creator and show runner Dan Harmon ousted shortly after last season’s finale, the show has been under some serious speculation and scrutiny over the last few months. It’s honestly hard to imagine what direction the show is going to go in, and I can’t help but wonder if the magic is just gone. But I’ll be tuning in anyway, hoping beyond hope that the glory days can return.


Elementary, CBS – Thursday (27th) 10/9c

Having watched the BBC’s Sherlock, it’s going to be very hard for me to swallow a modernized Americanized version of the character living in New York. I don’t even really care that Watson is now an Asian female…as long as the show is good. I just doubt it’s going to be. And yeah, I know, I hate to be one of those trolls that says something sucks before he’s even seen it, but sometimes you just gotta go with your instinct. For example, that guy in the alley with the scraggly beard and crazy glint in his eye holding a bloody knife might actually be the most sweet and caring person I’ll ever meet…but I am still running as fast as I can in the opposite direction!

Anyways, that’s my list. What’s yours?

6 thoughts on “Of Things To Come

  1. Been with Big Bang and HIMYM since the start, so I’m really looking forward to those. Totally agree with you on Once. I wish it were more like Fables, and I think I like it less because it’s not. It’s a good show, just not great. Revolution looks like it could be really good as well, with people like Abrams and John Favreau it has a chance to be good for a while (Lost was good for a couple years). Hopeful for Arrow and Elementary. Both have potential to be good, or could suck from the start. Wait and see there. One show I’d suggest is 2 Broke Girls. I was shocked how good it was, and really enjoy Kat Dennings comedic work.

  2. You know… there’s just not that much I’m enthused about in the Fall season. I know as a comic book geek I should be into Arrow, but I never got into Smallville… nothing against the show, even, I just sort of forget the CW exists. Elementary doesn’t look very good… Revolution has what I call a “movie premise”. It’s something I can see working for 120 minutes, and that’s about it.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean about Revolution. It does seem like a movie premise…or at most a mini-series premise.

      Even worse is the show Last Resort, which I guess takes place on a “rogue” submarine? Imagine that one going seven seasons.

      “Captain’s Log: We have been at sea for nearly a decade, somehow surviving without going ashore, refueling, or having sex of any kind. I have decided it is in the crew’s best interest to destroy the ship and end the pale shadow of existence our lives have become.”

      • Yeah, that one doesn’t sound like a long-term one. Though the same about last year’s “Missing”; what are they going to do for a second season, have the kid get kidnapped again?

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