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Labors of the Day

Head AsplodesButting heads with CSS is never what anyone would term as “fun,” but it is a little better than the hours-long shutdown WordPress.com seemed to have suffered on Labor Day. That it happened in the middle of me trying to bring my new blog theme up to snuff was more than a little frustrating. But aside from a few little things that I’ll get to fixing in the next couple of days, things are pretty close to how I’d like them.

The new theme is Sight, one of WordPress’s newest, and about the only one (other than the old Motion) that I felt looked right. Obviously, the main draw is the fancy slideshow near the top of the page, which definitely makes things feel more modern and “sexy”. But hell, I just like that Sight actually cuts off my posts on the front page, rather than posting the whole thing like Motion did. I like the idea of having more varied content displayed up front. Probably a throwback to my journalism training where stories on the front page were always continued on Page A12 or whatever. But where Motion could realistically only show 5 posts, Sight can effectively show five times that many, if not more. Makes the whole affair seem more vibrant and lively, something that always appeals to me about a website, or design in general. That, and boobs.

A hearty farewell to Motion, though. It served me well these many months. It’s a sturdy little theme that I would certainly recommend to a beginning blogger.

Please let me know how you all feel about the new look for Rhoades to Madness and if it’s displaying okay in your browsers or possibly teacups.

Transformers “Week” will conclude tomorrow…or I guess later today…with some Transformers: Prime love, and then we’ll get back to our fairly-regularly scheduled blogging.

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