Tiding With Tidings

I’ve got a couple posts in the hopper, but they still need some work. So to tide my numerous and unruly fans over, I fall back on this.

The Blonde Photographer/Schoolgirl/Prostitute

I mean – as far as “Plan Bs” are concerned – not bad, right? But I ask, what is going on here? Is she the newest student in some bizarrely fetishistic photography school? How did she get up on a roof in stiletto heels? Why is the apparent focus on the camera, of all things? Where can we purchase outfits like this? And once purchased, how do we convince our girlfriends to wear them?

Please turn to Page 109 for the Answer Key…and your DOOM.

2 thoughts on “Tiding With Tidings

  1. Page 109 where????? LOL

    I know back of the book, school reference.

    Just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog and the writings within.

    1 question though Who is she?

    Judging by the background optics, her look and the condition of the roof she’s on. I’d say she’s in eastern Europe. Czech republic or perhaps Russia. More than likely she wore flats to the roof then discarded them for the stiletto’s so she could gain a higher viewpoint for her picture.


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