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Too Many Chiefs, Not Enough Primes

I am beginning to think I need a schedule. Or at least a structure of some kind, because I can’t seem to stay ahead of this “writing” thing I do, and can’t seem to get inspired when I need to. It’s aggravating. I have heard that sitting down at a set time every day to write helps, but until just recently, there wasn’t any way I could adhere to that sort of routine. Now that my hours at work have stabilized, I can…but should I?

Any of you bastards manage to stick to a writing schedule?
In other news, I’m still plowing through Gail Carriger’s “Parasol Protectorate” series. Hopefully will have that done in the next couple of weeks and I can review the whole thing in one shot.

Transformers Prime

Your starting line-up…

I also recently bought Transformers: Prime – Season One on Blu-Ray and have been re-watching those. It will probably be sacrilegious to say this, but I think I might like Prime better than G1. They both still have their faults, largely where the humans are concerned, but Prime manages characterization better. Megatron is actually a credible bad guy instead of a lunatic who screams “I WILL CONTROL THE UNIVERSE!” every episode. Starscream’s treachery actually does have consequences and Megatron doesn’t keep him around just “because.” Optimus still delivers over-the-top idealistic and stilted speeches, but he’s not about to hand over the planet to satisfy some ancient point of Cybertronian honor. And I like Ratchet. I wish it were Wheeljack in that slot, but Ratchet as the long-suffering medic/scientist is pretty great. I don’t even mind too much that they’ve turned Wheeljack into a sword-wielding Wrecker, because at least he’s there. I do miss the mad scientist, though.

Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader

Our third-string quarterback?

The heat finally broke in Kansas City, and I was able to turn off my AC and open my windows for the first time in months. We’re still fucked in terms of rain, however. And in the midst of this, football preseason has started. The Chiefs looked surprisingly good in their opener against the Cardinals, and I think it might be their first preseason win in a couple of years. Doesn’t mean anything, I know. Speaking of droughts, Kansas City has endured 43 years without a Super Bowl appearance, the fourth-longest streak among NFL franchises. Hard to believe Arrowhead still sells out…

And finally, a shout-out to Team USA who brought home 46 gold and 104 medals overall! We beat the Chinese handily in athletic competition. Now if we could just beat them economically, we’d really have something. And kudos to the English for suffering through London being occupied for two weeks. The torch gets passed to Rio De Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Games…and man will that ever be a party!

One thought on “Too Many Chiefs, Not Enough Primes

  1. I hear you on the schedule thing… I’ve managed to get things more-or-less under control and don’t usually miss a day anymore… but I have the “benefit” of not having a job to work around. And even then, my buffer frequently gets eroded down to nothing, leading to me having to write something at 2 in the morning to post at 6.

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