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The Everchanging Spectrum of a Pie

DisappearanceA curious absence!

A silent protagonist!

A bewildered public, hungry for answers!



Needless to say, the last few days have seen a dearth of posts from yours truly, and the reason is that my Prettybird kinda, sorta flew the coop. Not as in “we broke up and all the world will feel my pain,” but more like “she took a job two hours away and it kinda sucks.” This past Monday was when we moved all of her stuff to the new town all in the midst of the brutal heatwave that Missouri has been riding for a couple months now. We’ve promised to make it work, visiting on weekends, plenty of phone calls and Skype-ing, and I think we will. But the next year will be pretty rough. Hopefully, after that she’ll be able to find a teaching gig back in the city.

That, and I was somewhat at a loss as to how to follow up on MacGyver & Magnum. I mean, fuck, was that genius or what? HA!

Seriously, though, thanks for indulging me on that week of fevered madness. Or rather, studiously ignoring my fevered madness. Or more likely, being completely unaware of my fevered madness. Whatevs. What have I been doing instead of blogging, you DARE ask? Why, a veritable cornucopia of activities that will delight and enchant you!

Soulless by Gail CarrigerForemost, I have started reading the “Parasol Protectorate” series of books by one Gail Carriger. I finished the first book, Soulless, in a couple of days and almost immediately got on Amazon and ordered the other four books. I’m glad to live in an era where alternate history/supernatural mash-ups are all the rage, and Carriger delivers a very witty, almost Jane Austen-like high society setting for her Victorian London werewolf-vampire-steampunk madness. I know I’m late to the table on these, but I’m kinda glad I am. Now I can tear through the whole series in a couple of weeks and not have to wait a year or more for Book x. And since Amazon saw fit to deliver my copies earlier today, I’ll have something to read before bed tonight.

You Roped the Goddamned Moon

YES! Now I just need to earn the “Raped the Goddamned Moon” sticker!

Beyond that, I’ve tumbled down into the rabbit holes that are foursquare and GetGlue. While still not entirely comfortable with the notion of sharing what I’m doing at any given moment, I have actually found myself weirdly addicted to them. It’s probably the badges and stickers that caused it…give me a meaningless achievement/trophy/badge/sticker to shoot for and I will rope the goddamn moon. But damn, what an amazing boon to business, entertainment, and advertising these two sites are, huh? Now they don’t have to rely on surveys and research and trends, because we’re telling them exactly where we go and what we watch. For free! It makes me feel kinda icky even while it impresses and captivates me. I’ll probably speak more about all that later.

And on a semi-final, completely unrelated note: a hearty, heartfelt, and far-more-sincere-than-I’m-generally-capable-of congratulations to my big brother Dusty and his engagement to a lovely young woman named Elise. My condolences to Elise, who really should know better.

Anyway, hopefully we’ll get Rhoades to Madness back on track here and everything will be hunky-dory again.

For my next trick: a mailbag feature. If you’d like your question to be answered in this ridiculously-outdated format, please comment on this post.


If not, to hell with you! You’re not that important anyway!

One thought on “The Everchanging Spectrum of a Pie

  1. A very interesting piece. And I especially appreciate the compassion and pity you express for my fiancee as she commits to a life with me and my siamese twin, Sorrow.

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