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Keep Calm and Be Batman

After commenting on the tragedy surrounding the release of  much-anticipated The Dark Knight Rises, I did actually get around to seeing the final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy this past weekend. I largely agree with the ruggedly handsome and sweet-smelling Morgan Lewis in his more-than-adequate review from last week, so I see no need … Continue reading

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I Hate Moon Nazis

  Nazis from the MOON! The goddamned MOON! *takes a deep breath* MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! So anyway, there’s Moon Nazis now. So I guess Captain Kirk went to all the trouble of letting Edith Keeler die again in “City on the Edge of Forever” for absolutely no reason. (That, and the rest of us have had to … Continue reading

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Always Darkest Before

It’s always difficult to know how one should behave and respond after a tragedy on the scale of what happened in Aurora, Colorado. Sympathy for the victims and their families, absolutely. But that’s only part of it. Television and social media, of course, has already turned to who should be blamed. And, as expected, fingers … Continue reading

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