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Destiny Restored

You’ve met Rock Gladstone, who is an old character of mine who hung out at the Halls of Hysteria. You’ll be seeing more of him, but I’d like to take this time to introduce you to another character, Destiny Lass.

Destiny Lass was introduced as a straight-up badass, the disciple of a omnipotent prairie dog named Legend. Her only weapon was his banner attached to a staff, but she managed to mop the floor with the most powerful foes and proved a valuable ally. She could also teleport at will with no apparent limitations on her range. She didn’t have much of a personality at first, other than a fanatical devotion to Legend.

Later, she kidnapped and had sex with the leader of the Halls in an attempt to get pregnant. She later explained that this too was part of Legend’s plan for her…her destiny. He claimed that their child would play a pivotal role in the future of the universe. But her faith was broken when the child was lost during the birth. Not miscarried…but lost. Apparently, her species’ innate teleportation powers had misfired and sent the infant to some unknown location. After scouring the universe and the multiverse for her child, Destiny Lass returned to the Halls a changed woman. With uncharacteristic rage, she shattered the banner of Legend and picked up the twin glowing purple katanas.

Destiny Unfulfilled

Destiny Reforged

Destiny Lass was now simmering in self-conflict. All she had known her entire life was her service and faith to Legend, and with that gone all she was left with was the question: “Who am I now?” It was not a question that weighed well on her, and she grew increasingly restless and dissatisfied with life at the largely-peaceful Halls.

Destiny Lass: Fate and the Faithful

Coming to the conclusion that she was a creature of war and should be on the battlefield – any battlefield – Destiny Lass decided to leave the Halls behind and journey to a land where warfare was a constant state of affairs, a dimension where demons and devils fought each other to a standstill and angels feared to tread, a place most of us call Hell.

Destiny Departs

In Hell, Destiny Lass was as feared as she was elsewhere in the Multiverse. Among the demons, her people were called The Murasaka, demonic for “The Unconquered.” Theirs was the only planet that had ever successfully repelled a demon attack and The Murasaka had become incredibly-skilled demon hunters in the centuries since. Now siding with the demons against the far-more-insidious devils, Destiny Lass joined a battalion and threw herself into bloody melee after bloody melee, startling even the most bloodthirsty and sadistic of her new allies with her ferocity.

Destiny Relentless

But none of them are fully aware of the grief and inner torment that fuels her rage. Her path now is a dark one and getting darker by the day. Her child is lost. Her faith is lost. Her identity is lost. What, truly, is left?



Destiny Lass’s journey will continue…




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