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Nifty Fifty

I am not above self-congratulation, so here’s to my 50th Blog Post at Rhoades to Madness!

It has been good to have an outlet again, but I’ve been overall displeased with my writing. It’s hard to believe that my 18-year-old self had a better voice than I do now, but that’s how I feel. The line between seriousness and witticism was thinner back then, and my older writing slipped back and forth with an ease I can’t seem to manage anymore. Maybe I’m out of practice. Maybe there’s some youthful threshold I’ve crossed and the door is barred back. Maybe I’m actually illiterate and massively delusional.

Hmm. That last one is far-fetched as all hell. It’s nice.

Or maybe I’m too literate and not delusional enough. Possible?

Regardless, I can only hope that by the time I reach 100 posts here that I’ll have regained some semblance of my voice and will be able to fucking blow you all away with how incredible I am. That’s okay, you can go ahead and laugh. I’ll give you a few moments.

I aim to misbehave.

I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you.

By the by, if this blog seems all over the place sometimes, that’s entirely by design. Having an incredibly fractured focus might ass-fuck my web-presence and pageviews, but I prefer to comment on everything that interests me and a great deal interests me.  A GREAT DEAL, SIR. So I’ll never have a “movie blog” or a “game blog” or an “art blog” because that would bore me to tears. I’d much rather post Nonsense every day than limit myself.

That said, expect to see more Rock Gladstone. And maybe another odd character or five. Shit’s about to get real, son. I mean, yeah, I’m still gonna post about movies and TV and books and art and advertising and history and hot women and and and and and…but I need to branch out, ya know.

Anyway, since I started this blog five months ago, I’ve turned 30, been promoted, and started living with my girlfriend.

Let’s see what the next five months and 50 posts bring.

I hope it’s a pony.

A goddamned pony.

Dear sweet fucking mother of mercy’s tits! I changed my mind! I don’t want a pony!


3 thoughts on “Nifty Fifty

  1. Well, I’ll congratulate you on 50 posts as well. Compared to a lot of bloggers, that’s actually considerable staying power. I think most give up in the first three months.

    I don’t think a lack of focus is a bad thing in a blog. It’s a public journal, essentially. Random thoughts are the default, not the exception. It might take longer to build a following than if you had a specific focus, but you’ll get there eventually, whereever “there” is. I don’t think there’s any particular formula for gaining a following anyway. It helps if you find and participate in the comments sections of other blogs you like, but beyond that? Largely luck of the draw. Write on a popular topic, see your pageviews climb for that post — but not necessarily any others. Get “Freshly Pressed” by WordPress and you’ll see your views and comments skyrocket for that post, and some people will usually stick around, I think. But as far as I can tell, getting “Freshly Pressed” is mostly a matter of luck.

    Still, if you keep plugging at it, it’ll keep climbing, slowly but surely.

    • I got a huge surge of traffic when I did the Yvonne Strahovsky post. And the residual search engine traffic is still pretty sizable even now. But, of course, it’s all for that one post.

      I feel like you and I have been through something like this before…if I could only remember where…

      • Yeah, I imagine that post brings in the search engine traffic pretty well. I still get some hits from the link you posted in it once in a while.

        And yes, we’ve been through this before. But blogging actually does have some advantages over the forum in that respect. Somehow. Part of it is that search engines seem to be more kindly disposed to blogs than to forums, for whatever reason. And part of it is the interconnected nature of WordPress sites… just the fact that any post you do that’s on one of WordPress’s major topics gets listed on a page with all the other stuff can result in traffic.

        I’m averaging about 60 page views a day right now. It’s not a huge amount. But it’s a big increase from the “nothing” where it started, and it keeps growing. Which just didn’t seem to happen with the forum… heck, were we even averaging 60 page views a day there? At the end?

        This stuff may take time to grow, but it does seem to actually grow.

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