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Owl In A Jar


I work in a grocery store. Actually, a high-end grocery store that has plenty of specialty items. Customers will often come up and ask if we have some bizarre thing I’ve never heard of, I’ll ask someone else about it, and they’ll say, “Oh yes, we carry two kinds, but we just ran out of the gluten-free.”

Naturally, this lends itself to nonsense. The extent of whatever we carry is apparently limited only to whatever we can imagine. Unicorn Steaks! Candied Ball Bearings! Pickle-Free Pickles! Antimatter Couscous!

Which brings me to an item that has latched onto my brain like any good bird-of-prey: Owl In A Jar. Initially a one-off joke, the kernel of this idea sprouted in my mind. And after awhile, I wondered if it might actually be possible. Not a real owl, mind you. But a small plush owl, shoved into a jar with a snazzy label. People have certainly bought dumber things. Besides, maybe it could benefit…owl rotation research?

So I have started to design the snazzy label. Still not sure if I will actually make it to the product phase, but at least the project keeps my artistic skills sharp. And who knows? Maybe one day YOU will be buying an Owl In A Jar!

Owl in a Jar

This is not the finished label by any means (I plan on adding nutrition facts, of course.) but it’s far enough along to show off. I wanted to give it the look of something that might have been on someone’s shelf in the 1950s and stayed there. Besides, retro and whimsy tend to go hand-in-hand with each other. Of course, now I’m wondering if a very classy modern look would be even more…jarring

One thought on “Owl In A Jar

  1. I like it. It’s a good design, very evocative of both owls and the 50s, which — judging by my grandmother’s decor — were more closely connected than people today would realize. Also, the idea of a jarred owl is pretty amusing.

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