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The Elite – Yvonne Strahovski

Nearly everyone has their “List.” If you’re single, these are the people you’d crawl through fire to spend a night with. Or if you have a partner, these are the people you get a “free pass” with on the astronomically-remote chance you had a shot.

My list is called The Elite, and I’m pretty selective. These are women not only of surpassing beauty, but keen intelligence, incredible talent, and outstanding personality. And the first one I’ll spotlight is Yvonne Strahovski.

Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker

This gorgeous Australian blonde first came to America’s attention when she was cast in the role of CIA Agent Sarah Walker on NBC’s Chuck. And while it was obvious she could fill the femme fatale role with ease, what we came to learn over the next five seasons was that this woman could flat-out act. Chuck started out as an action-comedy spy spoof but gradually morphed into drama, light-hearted, but still drama. Yvonne showed her versatility here, lending credibility to every dramatic moment and warmth to every gentler one. When Yvonne’s character was in pain, you were in pain with her. When she was smiling, you believed everything was right with the world. And, of course, when the show called on her to turn on the sex appeal…well, she could do that too.

Sarah Walker takes on some nerds in Season 2.

Her dance background also lent itself towards fight choreography, which meant Yvonne’s Sarah Walker was an absolute bad-ass in a brawl. She made breaking limbs, hurling blades, and firing guns look as graceful and effortless as breathing. In one particular episode where the generally-calm Walker was pushed into a state of near-blind rage, she became a one-woman wrecking crew, risking everything to save her beloved Chuck.

Yvonne Strahovski - Chuck Season 5

But she also brought a great warmth to the role. As the show progressed and Sarah and Chuck struggled with and finally gave in to their feelings for each other, Yvonne easily transitioned from “deadly beauty” to “loving wife.” Played with different hands, the Sarah-Chuck relationship could have played out like the cliched “woman with dorky guy” entertainment trope, where you never really believe that she’s with him. But with Yvonne, she always made you believe that this was the man she loved, no matter how unlikely it may seem from the outside.

Yvonne lounges in a tanktop and panties.

Chuck ended earlier this year after five seasons. Morgan Lewis goes into detail on the end of the cult-favorite show over on his blog, (BEWARE: SPOILERS) so it seems superfluous to go into much detail here. Following @Y_Strahovski, Yvonne’s official Twitter account, you could tell she was deeply saddened by the end of the journey while comforting and giving shout-outs to devoted fans. But while we may be seeing less of Yvonne in the short term, it’s hard to imagine she’ll be out of the spotlight for long.

Yvonne as Mass Effect 2's Miranda Lawson

She has already branched out into other media, providing the voice and face for the video game Mass Effect 2‘s Miranda Lawson and recently posed wearing only body paint for a Sobe advertising campaign.

Yvonne poses for a Sobe ad campaign.

As long as her agent has at least some sense, the possibilities for Yvonne are nearly endless. TV, movies…she may even be able to become one of the first female action leads, something Hollywood has tried infrequently but with little success, largely because they chose either hot women who couldn’t act or hot women who couldn’t fight or hot women who couldn’t do either. Yvonne can do it all, and hopefully she’ll get a chance to.

Yvonne is delighted at a press conference.

We’ll be waiting.



6 thoughts on “The Elite – Yvonne Strahovski

  1. Definitely looking forward to seeing where her career goes from here. She might have been the most unexpected good actor out of the core cast on Chuck; we all knew Adam Baldwin could act, Joshua Gomez had been in Without a Trace (not especially notable there, but it was a regular character), and while Zachary Levi was unfamiliar to me, you expect basic acting skills out of the guy they cast for the main character. But they could have gone with just another pretty face for the role of Sarah and gotten somebody who looked good but couldn’t act. Turned out she’s arguably the best of the bunch.

    Thanks for the shout-out. I think part of why the Sarah-Chuck relationship was so believable was that Yvonne Strahovsky was so convincing with her little mannerisms. You could see that Sarah was somebody who had been tense and running in high gear her whole life… and Chuck, with his geeky unashamed-ness about having fun with silly things allowed her to experience the kind of casual life that she never had even as a child.

    And yes, she’s definitely hot. Not that confirmation was really needed on that front. 😀

    • Yeah, I like Zachary Levi, but he never made me feel what he was going through the way Yvonne did on a shockingly regular basis. I don’t think Chuck would have worked as well or at all if someone else had played Sarah Walker. Whoever discovered and cast her should be commended.

      Oh, and I just remembered her “Katy Perry/Gaga/Ke$ha” parody video, so the woman is pretty damn funny too.

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