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Introduction to Communication

For nearly eight years, I ran an internet forum.

That will be coming to an end soon, however. This would be big news to the members of said forum, but I haven’t announced it officially, and they aren’t likely to read it here. As for the rest of you, I’d assume your “Not Giving a Shit” meter is starting to creep up.

Before the forum, I was editor of the school newspaper, serving as human spell-check, designing layouts, and writing not-so-serious columns about everything from the first amendment to the “Y2K” bug. At the same time – and many years previous – I was the founder, publisher, editor, and most often the only writer for the “underground” paper. Aptly named “Stupid School News,” very little journalism took place on its pages, but it had a modest and loyal following.

The point of all this is that I’ve been communicating with text and pictures for over half of my nearly-thirty years. And with the forum closing down for good in a few months, I was in danger of being left without an outlet for my madness.

So here we are…a blog.

As the philosopher Calvin once said at the end of one journey and the beginning of another…

It's a magical world, Hobbes ol' buddy...

4 thoughts on “Introduction to Communication

  1. I suspect all but the dimmest members of the forum could hazard a guess that it’s not going to be around this time next year. You always did say that if you ever became an absentee landlord that you’d pull the plug rather than see it continue on life support indefinitely. To be honest… I’m surprised it lasted this long. I think if we’re honest, you and I both lost interest in being the go-to content providers for it a couple years ago… and since we were the go-to content guys, there’s not much else there.

    Welcome to the world of bloggery. Glad to have stumbled across you here fairly early (I was perusing the Movies tag on WordPress, saw the Abe Lincoln post and then recognized your picture; that was, incidentally the first halfway decent movie post I’ve come across tonight. Sturgeon’s Law is in full effect in the blogosphere). I’ve been hanging out here on WP for about three months now. Feels very good to have a place to write what I want and just run my own show instead of everybody else’s. I think you’ll probably find it’s the same for you.

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